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Public health

Public health

Being in good health is one of the main concerns of European citizens. The European Union (EU) is therefore striving to attain a higher level of health protection through all European policies and activities, in accordance with Article 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). In particular, EU policy on health matters aims to improve public health, prevent diseases and threats to health (including those related to the lifestyles of European citizens), and combat major health scourges by promoting research. Community action complements national policies, and the Union encourages cooperation between Member States in the field of health.
However, defining national health policies remains an exclusive competence belonging to Member States. Consequently, EU action shall not include the definition of health policies, nor the organisation and provision of health services and medical care.
European health policy therefore consists of developing a shared competence with Member States and complementing national policies. The EU and Member States may also cooperate with third countries and competent international organisations.

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