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Information regarding investment projects


Member States are obliged to inform the Commission of investment projects of Community interest in the oil, natural gas and electricity sectors so that it may develop an appropriate Community energy policy.


Council Regulation (EC) No 736/96 of 22 April 1996 on notifying the Commission of investment projects of interest to the Community in the petroleum, natural gas and electricity sectors.


The aim of the Regulation is to provide the Commission with accurate information on any intended energy investment project of Community interest and to enable it thus to have an overall view of planned changes in capacity and equipment in the energy sector within the Community.

Those investment projects of which the Commission must be informed are listed in the Annex to the present Regulation.

Before 15 April of each year Member States shall provide the Commission with information concerning investment projects relating to the production, transport, storage and distribution of oil, gas or electricity three years before the intended date of commencement of the work; the period is five years in the case the electricity sector's projects.

Persons and companies involved in investment projects are required to inform the Member State on whose territory they intend to implement these before 15 March in any given year.

The following information concerning investments in projects or construction must be passed on:

  • the name and registered address of the person or company making the investment;
  • the precise aim and the nature of the investments;
  • the intended capacity or power;
  • the probable date of placing in service;
  • the type of raw materials used.

The following information must be provided on any intended decommissioning:

  • the nature and capacity or power of the installations;
  • the probable date of the removal from service.

This information is confidential.

In 2001 the Commission presented the Council with a report on the implementation of the Regulation.

The present Regulation repeals Regulation (EEC) No 1056/72.


ActEntry into force - Date of expiryDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Regulation (EC) 736/9626.04.1996-OJ L 102 of 25.04.1996


Commission Regulation (EC) No 2386/96 of 16 December 1996 applying Council Regulation (EC) No 736/96 on notifying the Commission of investment projects of interest to the Community in the petroleum, natural gas and electricity sectors [Official Journal L 326 of 17.12.1996].

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