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Tractors and agricultural or forestry machinery: coupling device and reverse



To enable the Community type-approval procedure put in place by Directive 74/150/EEC, which was subsequently repealed and replaced by Directive 2003/37/EC, to be implemented by harmonising the technical requirements concerning the coupling device and the reverse on wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors.

2) ACT

Council Directive 79/533/EEC of 25 July 1978 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the coupling device and the reverse of wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors [Official Journal L 145 of 13.06.1979].

Amended by:

Council Directive 82/890/EEC of 17 December 1982 [Official Journal L 378 of 31.12.1982];
Directive 97/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 September 1997 [Official Journal L 277 of 10.10.1997];
Commission Directive 1999/58/EC of 7 June 1999 [Official Journal L 148 of 15.06.1999].


Directive 79/533/EEC

Scope: for the purpose of this Directive, "agricultural or forestry tractor" means any motor vehicle fitted with wheels or endless tracks and having at least two axles, the main function of which lies in its tractive power and which is specially designed to tow, push, carry or power certain tools, machinery or trailers intended for agricultural or forestry use. It may be equipped to carry a load and be fitted with passenger seats. Directive 79/533/EEC applies only to the specified tractors which are fitted with pneumatic tyres and which have two axles and a maximum design speed of between 6 and 25 km/h.

Every tractor must have a special device to which it must be possible to attach a connection such as a tow-bar or a tow-rope for towing purposes. The Annexes to the Directives contain provisions on the position and design of the coupling device.

Directive 82/890/EEC

This Directive extends the scope of Directive 79/533/EEC. Henceforth, the legislation applies to the tractors specified under Directive 79/533/EEC which are fitted with pneumatic tyres and which have two axles and a maximum design speed of between 6 and 30 km/h.

Directive 97/54/EC

This Directive amends the scope of Directive 79/533/EEC. The maximum design speed of wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors is henceforth 40 km/h.

Directive 1999/57/EC

In the light of technical progress, this Directive amends the legislation to clarify the requirements for the coupling device.

of entry into force
Final date for implementation in the Member States
Directive 79/533/EEC21.05.197921.11.1980
Directive 82/890/EEC21.12.198221.06.1984
Directive 97/54/EC30.10.199722.09.1998
Directive 99/58/EC05.07.199930.06.2000



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