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Tractors and agricultural or forestry machinery: roll-over protection structures



To enable the Community type-approval procedure, put in place by Directive 74/150/EEC which was subsequently repealed and replaced by Directive 2003/37/EC, to be implemented by harmonising the technical requirements concerning roll-over protection structures fitted to wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors.

2) ACT

Council Directive 77/536/EEC of 28 June 1977 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the roll-over protection structures of wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors [Official Journal L 220 of 29.08.1977].

Amended by:

Council Directive 87/354/EEC of 25 June 1987 [Official Journal L 192 of 11.07.1987];
Council Directive 89/680/EEC of 21 December 1989 [Official Journal L 398 of 30.12.1989];
Commission Directive 1999/55/EC of 1 June 1999 [Official Journal L 146 of 11.06.1999].


Directive 77/536/EEC

A roll-over protection structure (safety cab or frame) means the structure on a tractor, the essential purpose of which is to avoid or limit risks to the driver resulting from roll-over of the tractor during normal use. Such structures are characterised by the fact that in the event of roll-over, they ensure an unobstructed space large enough to protect the driver.

Every roll-over protection structure and its attachment to a tractor must be so designed and constructed as to fulfil the essential purpose indicated in Point 1. This requirement is checked by one of the two test methods described in the Annexes to the Directive.

Directive 87/354/EC

This Directive amends the legislation in force with respect to the distinctive numbers and letters indicating the Member States.

Directive 89/680/EC

The scope of Directive 77/536/EEC is limited to tractors with a mass of between 1.5 and 4.5 tonnes. Directive 89/680/EEC considers that an increase of 1.5 tonnes in the maximum mass as laid down, would not present any major disadvantages from the standpoint of safety on the roads and safety at work on the land. Moreover, the roll-over protection structures of tractors with a mass of between 4.5 and 6 tonnes can be treated in the same way as those of tractors with a mass of between 1.5 and 4.5 tonnes and hence can be accorded the benefit of the same rules. Directive 89/680/EC therefore amends Directive 77/536/EEC to include within its scope, tractors with a mass of between 1.5 and 6 tonnes.

Directive 1999/55/EC

This Directive adapts the above provisions to take account of tractors with a reversible driving position - having a reversible seat and steering wheel - designed to increase operational versatility and improve the supervision of implements.

of entry into force
Final date for implementation in the Member States
Directive 77/536/EEC29.06.197729.12.1978
Directive 87/354/EC29.06.198731.12.1987
Directive 89/680/EC03.01.199002.01.1991
Directive 1999/55/EC01.07.199930.06.2000



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