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Foodstuff prices



To improve consumer protection and information by indicating the retail price and the unit price on foodstuffs sold in bulk or pre-packaged.

2) ACT

Council Directive 79/581/EEC of 19 June 1979 on consumer protection in the indication of the prices of foodstuffs [Official Journal L 158 of 26.06.1979]. Repealed by Directive 98/6/EC [Official Journal L 80 of 18.03.1998, corrigendum: Official Journal L 190 of 04.07.1998].

Amended by:

Council Directive 88/315/EEC of 7 June 1988;
Council Directive 95/58/EC of 29 November 1995.

Council Resolution 88/611/EEC of 7 June 1988 regarding the protection of consumers on prices of foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs.


Definitions of the following terms: "foodstuffs sold in bulk", "pre-packaged foodstuffs", "foodstuffs pre-packaged in pre-established quantities", "foodstuffs pre-packaged in variable quantities", "selling price", and "unit price".

The Directive makes it compulsory to indicate the selling price and unit price of foodstuffs which are offered to the final consumer or for which advertising which mentions the price is carried out, regardless of whether they are sold in bulk or pre-packaged in pre-determined or variable quantities.

The Directive does not apply to foodstuffs sold in hotels, restaurants, cafés, public houses, hospitals, canteens or similar establishments and consumed on the premises, or to foodstuffs bought for the purpose of a trade or commercial activity.

Member States may waive the obligation to indicate the unit price of foodstuffs sold by small retail businesses. Exemptions may also be made for foodstuffs sold in bulk or pre-packaged where such indication would not have any meaning (foodstuffs sold by the piece, prepared dishes, etc.). The obligation to indicate the unit price does not apply to foodstuffs pre-packaged in pre-established quantities (Community range) as specified in the Directive.

The retail price and unit price indicated at the point of sale must be unambiguous, easily identifiable and clearly legible.

The retail price and unit price must also be indicated in written or printed advertisements or catalogues, subject to the exemptions referred to above.


This Directive is no longer in force.


On 16 February 1998 the European Parliament and the Council adopted Directive 98/6/EC on consumer protection in the indication of the prices of products offered to consumers [Official Journal L 80, 18.03.1998].
This Directive repeals, taking effect from 18 March 2000, Directives 79/581/EEC and 88/314/EEC.

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