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ANIMO system


The European Union is setting up a computerized network linking the veterinary authorities of the Member States.


Commission Decision 91/398/EEC of 19 July 1991 on a computerized network linking veterinary authorities (Animo).


This Decision was adopted pursuant to Council Directive 90/425/EEC concerning the veterinary and zootechnical checks applicable in intra-Community trade in certain live animals and products with a view to the completion of the internal market.

A computerized network linking the various veterinary authorities is necessary following the ending of veterinary checks at the Community's internal borders.

The Commission is establishing the Animo computerized network linking veterinary authorities in order, in particular, to facilitate the exchange of information between the competent authorities of the regions in which a health certificate or document accompanying animals and animal products is issued and the competent authorities of the Member State of destination.

The Commission contributes to the expenditure necessary for the establishment of the Animo network.

The implementing Decisions define the basic structure of the Animo network, the Community rules on financing for equipment, the list of units on the network, the central server, the model for messages to be exchanged, the contractual relationship between the Member States and the company managing the central server and provisional derogations.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Decision 91/398/EEC22.07.1991-OJ L 221 of 09.08.1991


Commission Decision 2003/623/EC of 19 August 2003 concerning the development of an integrated computerised veterinary system known as Traces [Official Journal L 216 of 28.08.2003]
The Community is introducing a computer system combining the functions of the Animo and Shift systems in a single platform. The Commission has a budget of EUR 300 000 for this task.


Decision 91/426/EEC [Official Journal L 234 of 23.08.1991]
Commission Decision of 22 July 1991 laying down the details of the Community's financial contribution to the setting up of a computerised network linking veterinary authorities (Animo).
This Decision has been amended as regards the time limit for the transmission of certain supporting documents by Decision 93/4/EEC [Official Journal L 4 of 08.01.1993].

Decision 93/28/EEC [Official Journal L 16 of 25.01.1993]
Commission Decision of 14 December 1992 laying down a supplementary Community financing for the computerised network Animo.

Decision 91/539/EEC [Official Journal L 294 of 25.10.1991]
This Decision lays down the detailed rules for applying Decision 91/426/EEC
Supplemented by:
Commission Decision 95/85/EC [Official Journal L 68 of 28.03.1995] (Sweden);
Commission Decision 94/466/EC [Official Journal L 371 of 31.12.1994] (Austria)


Decision 91/585/EEC [Official Journal L 314 of 15.11.1991]
Commission Decision of 4 November 1991 determining the minimal configuration of certain equipment for the computerized network linking veterinary authorities (Animo)

Decision 91/637/EEC [Official Journal L 343 of 13.12.1991]
Commission Decision of 3 December 1991 establishing the model for the message to be transmitted by means of the computerised network Animo.
This Decision has been amended and supplemented by the following Decisions:
- Decision 93/70/EEC [Official Journal L 25 of 02.02.1993];
- Decision 94/307/EC [Official Journal L 133 of 28.05.1994].

Decision 93/70/EEC [Official Journal L 25 of 02.02.1993]
Commission Decision of 21 December 1992 on codification for the message 'Animo'
This Decision has been amended by the following:
- Decision 97/628/EC [Official Journal L 261 of 26.09.1997];
- Decision 98/168/EC [Official Journal L 62 of 03.03.1998];
- Decision 1999/874/EC [Official Journal L 340 of 31.12.1999].


Decision 91/638/EEC [Official Journal L 343 of 13.12.1991]
Commission Decision of 3 December 1991 on the designation of a common host centre for the computerized network Animo.

Decision 92/373/EEC [Official Journal L 195 of 14.07.1992]
Commission Decision of 2 July 1992 designating the host centre Animo.

Decision 92/486/EEC [Official Journal L 291 of 07.10.1992]
Commission Decision of 25 September 1992 establishing the form of cooperation between the Animo host centre and Member States.
This Decision has been amended by the following:
- Decision 93/188/EEC [Official Journal L 82 of 03.04.1993];
- Decision 96/296/EC [Official Journal L 113 of 07.05.1996];
- Decision 97/395/EC [Official Journal L 164 of 21.06.1997];
- Decision 98/222/EC [Official Journal L 82 of 19.03.1998];
- Decision 1999/716/EC [Official Journal L 289 of 11.11.1999];
- Decision 2000/288/EC [Official Journal L 98 of 19.04.2000];
- Decision 2001/301/EC [Official Journal L 102 of 12.04.2001];
- Decision 2002/615/EC [Official Journal L 196 of 25.07.2002];
- Decision 2003/236/EC [Official Journal L 87 of 04.04.2003].

Decision 92/176/EEC [Official Journal L 80 of 25.03.1992]
Commission Decision of 2 March 1992 concerning maps to be provided for use for the Animo network.


Decision 92/341/EEC [Official Journal L 188 of 08.07.1992]
Commission Decision of 3 June 1992 relating to the computer retrieval of local Animo units.

Decision 2002/459/EC [Official Journal L 159 of 17.06.2002]
Commission Decision of 4 June 2002 listing the units in the Animo computer network and repealing Decision 2000/287/EC.
This Decision has been amended by the following decisions:
- Decision 2002/986/EC [Official Journal L 344 of 19.12.2002];
- Decision 2003/506/EC [Official Journal L 172 of 10.07.2003].


Commission Decision 2001/881/EC [Official Journal L 326 of 11.12.2001] of 7 December 2001 drawing up a list of border inspection posts agreed for veterinary checks on animals and animal products from third countries.
This Decision has been amended by the following:
- Decision 2002/986/EC [Official Journal L 344 of 19.12.2002];
- Decision 2003/506/EC [Official Journal L 172 of 10.07.2003];
- Decision 2004/608/EC [Official Journal L 274 of 24.08.2004];
- Decision 2005/13/EC [Official Journal L 6 of 08.01.2005].

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