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Youth voluntary work



To encourage exchanges between young volunteers and youth workers.

2) ACT

Resolution of the Council and of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council, of 14 February 2002 on the added value of voluntary activity for young people in the context of the development of Community action on youth [Official Journal C 50 of 23.02.2002].



This resolution, which was inspired by the United Nations initiative designating the year 2001 as International Year of Volunteers, is part of the Youth programme, which includes a component on European Voluntary Service. It also refers to the many resolutions and other Council acts intended to encourage mobility among young people.

Promoting voluntary work in Europe

The Council recognises the social and human value which the various forms of voluntary work by young people and the active involvement of youth associations, non-governmental organisations and youth volunteers themselves bring to the various initiatives. However, the Council calls on:

  • the Member States to eliminate legal and administrative obstacles to voluntary work by ensuring that voluntary work does not restrict or replace paid employment;
  • the Commission and the Member States to draw up a policy on youth voluntary work and to increase European cooperation to facilitate access to information, support training of volunteers, create a network of all those involved and exchange best practice;
  • the Commission to build productive relations within the EU, with the Council of Europe and other international organisations.

In accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, it is crucial to recognise the added value of voluntary work in encouraging and supporting the participation of young people in civil society.



Resolution of the Council and of the representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council of 27 June 2002 regarding the framework of European cooperation in the youth field [Official Journal C 168 of 13.07.2002].

European Commissionwhite paperof 21 November 2001 - A new impetus for European youth [COM (2001) 681 final - Not published in the Official Journal].

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