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Cooperation programme between the European Community and Canada


The main objective of this programme is to establish cooperation between the European Community and Canada in higher education and training.


Council Decision 2001/197/EC of 26 February 2001 concerning the conclusion of an Agreement between the European Community and the Government of Canada renewing a cooperation programme in higher education and training.


Following the success of the first phase of the programme (1995-1999), the Council decided to renew the cooperation programme in higher education and training between the European Community and Canada for a further five-year period (2000-2005).

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • promote closer understanding between the peoples of the European Community and Canada;
  • improve the quality of human resource development;
  • encourage an innovative and sustainable range of student-centred cooperative activities;
  • improve the quality of transatlantic mobility for students;
  • encourage the exchange of expertise in new developments in higher education and vocational education and training;
  • promote partnerships among teaching and training institutions, professional associations, public authorities, the private sector and other associations;
  • strengthen the Euro-Canadian dimension of transatlantic cooperation in teaching and training;
  • complement bilateral programmes between the Member States of the European Community and Canada.

The guiding principles of the Agreement are:

  • full respect for the responsibilities of the Member States and Canada for the autonomy of the education and training institutions;
  • the mutual benefit arising from activities undertaken as part of this Agreement;
  • the provision of funding for a range of innovative projects establishing new structures and links;
  • broad participation across the various states;
  • the mutual recognition of cultural, social and economic diversity;
  • selection of projects on a competitive basis.

The Annex to the Agreement provides for the following categories of activities:

  • projects carried out by joint EC/Canada consortia: each consortium (consisting of at least three Member States and two Canadian provinces or territories) will receive funding for a maximum period of three years. Eligible activities may include: preparatory or project development activities; student mobility projects, including work placements; structured exchanges of students, teachers, trainers and anyone else involved in the education and training sector; innovative curricula projects; short intensive programmes; joint teaching modules and the dissemination of new teaching methodologies;
  • complementary activities to enhance exchanges of experience in the area of higher education and vocational training (conferences, studies, etc.).

A Joint Committee is established, comprising an equal number of representatives and meeting once every two years to review the cooperative activities planned and to provide a report on the level, status and effectiveness of the cooperative activities.

The cost of funding the cooperative activities is borne by both parties, each being responsible for the funding of its own activities.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Decision 2001/197/EC [adoption: CNS/2003/0263]01.03.2001-OJ 71 of 13.03.2001


Council Decision2006/964/EC of 18 December 2006 on the conclusion of the Agreement between the European Community and the Government of Canada establishing a framework for cooperation in higher education, training and youth [Official Journal L 397 of 30.12.2006].

Council Decision 95/523/EC of 27 November 1995 concerning the conclusion of an Agreement between the European Community and Canada establishing a cooperation programme in higher education and training [Official Journal L 300 of 13.12.1995].

Last updated: 30.08.2007

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