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Improving the financial measures relating to the common fisheries policy

This Regulation establishes a clear and effective structure for Community financial interventions in the implementation of the common fisheries policy (CFP). These interventions involve, in particular, the control and enforcement of CFP rules, conservation measures, data collection, the improvement of scientific advice, governance, compliance with international agreements concerning the sustainability of fisheries resources and the implementation of measures relating to the Law of the Sea.


Council Regulation (EC) No 861/2006 of 22 May 2006 establishing Community financial measures for the implementation of the common fisheries policy and in the area of the Law of the Sea.


Through this Regulation the Council intends to improve the effectiveness of financial interventions within the framework of the implementation and control of the common fisheries policy (CFP).

Priority objectives

Financial measures are provided for in order to implement the CFP. The financial interventions concern:

  • improving the control of fishing activities and the application of CFP measures. The purpose of the funds allocated to the Member States is to compensate for any shortfall in national fisheries control programmes and to deal with deteriorating resources. The aim is to coordinate these control measures, taking particular account of the deployment of national inspection and surveillance systems through the Community Fisheries Control Agency;
  • data collection and improving scientific advice. The aim of the financial interventions made to Member States is to provide additional information for the evaluation of fisheries resources. Data handling goes hand in hand with collecting information, and it is essential to involve all stakeholders in the implementation of these measures. The Community funds will be used to support the establishment of complete databases which will be regularly updated within the Member States;
  • international relations. The financial interventions will support the conclusion of fisheries agreements with third countries, collaboration with the United Nations and the establishment of partnerships in the sector. These funds are also to be used for Community participation in preparatory work aimed at establishing new international organisations and/or new international standards in the fisheries sector and to protect fisheries resources;
  • governance of the CFP. The Regulation provides for expenditure relating to the Advisory Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture (ACFA) and the Regional Advisory Councils (RACs), as well as for financing the operational costs of establishing the RACs.

Allocation of Community funds

These various actions will be financed within the framework of the financial guidelines for the period 2007-13. These actions receive Community funding as they help to ensure a long-term balance for fisheries resources.

Annual appropriations will be authorised by the budgetary authority within the limits of the financial framework. The measures financed under this Regulation may not receive financial assistance from other Community instruments. The Commission will ensure that preventive measures are established against fraud, corruption and any other illegal activities by providing for the recovery of the amounts paid if any irregularities are detected.

The implementation of these actions will be monitored on a regular basis. The Commission will ensure the regular, independent, external evaluation of the actions financed.

Under this Regulation the Commission must present to the Parliament and to the Council by 31 March 2011 an interim evaluation report on the results obtained and on the monitoring of the implementation of the actions financed by Community funds. A communication on the continuation of these actions will be published no later than 30 August 2012.


ActEntry into force – expiry dateDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Regulation (EC) No 861/2006

1.1.2007 – 31.12.2013


OJ L 160 of 14.6.2006.


Commission Regulation (EC) No1078/2008 of 3 November 2008 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No861/2006 as regards the expenditure incurred by Member States for the collection and management of the basic fisheries data [Official Journal L 295 of 4.11.2008].
This Regulation establishes the Community financial contribution for expenditure incurred by Member States for the collection and management of the basic fisheries data. Member States are to submit an annual budget forecast concerning their national programme to the Commission for evaluation. The Commission may request a Member State to provide further clarification on the expenditure concerned in order to carry out that evaluation. The Member State shall provide that clarification within 15 calendar days from the Commission’s request. Eligible expenditure shall be related to data collection activities (collection of data on the sampling sites, at-sea-monitoring of commercial and recreational fisheries, research surveys at sea), data management activities (database and website development, storage, quality control and validation, processing, etc.) and data use activities (production of data and their uses to support scientific analysis, biological parameter estimates, and preparation of sets of data for stock assessment, bio-economic modelling and corresponding scientific analysis). The first national programme covers the period 2009-2010.

Commission Regulation (EC) No391/2007 of 11 April 2007 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No861/2006 as regards the expenditure incurred by Member States in implementing the monitoring and control systems applicable to the Common Fisheries Policy [Official Journal L 97 of 12.4.2007].
This Regulation establishes the conditions governing financial aid from the Community for expenditure incurred by Member States on the control and implementation of the CFP regulations during the period 2007-2013. To receive financial aid, Member States must notify the Commission of their control programme before 31 January each year. Eligible projects are generally for a sum greater than 40 000 euros. They must follow the schedule set out in the annual programme and are subject to an interim evaluation report and a final report which is submitted to the Commission by each Member State. In addition, some additional conditions must be met for investment in new technologies, the purchase and modernisation of vessels and training and exchange programmes.

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