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Standing Committee on operational cooperation on internal security

This decision establishes a Standing Committee to promote and strengthen operational cooperation on internal security within the European Union (EU) and details the committee’s responsibilities.


Council Decision 2010/131/EU of 25 February 2010 on setting up the Standing Committee on operational cooperation on internal security.


This decision creates a Standing Committee with the objective of facilitating, promoting and strengthening the operational cooperation of the relevant national authorities of the European Union (EU) countries in the field of internal security.

The Standing Committee will ensure an effective cooperation and coordination in areas covered by police and customs cooperation, and by external border control authorities. Where appropriate, it will also cover judicial cooperation in criminal matters when relevant to operational cooperation in the area of internal security. The Standing Committee will assess the efficiency of the operational cooperation, identify any failings and then recommend appropriate action to address the shortcomings. The Standing Committee will not be involved in the conducting of operations or in the preparation of legislative acts.

With regard to the occurrence of a terrorist attack or a natural or man-made disaster within the EU, the Standing Committee will assist the Council in accordance with the solidarity clause in Article 222 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

The Standing Committee will help ensure consistency in actions taken by Eurojust, Europol, the European External Borders Agency (Frontex) and other relevant bodies. These bodies, when appropriate, will be invited to attend the meetings of the Standing Committee as observers.


Act Entry into force Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal

Council Decision 2010/131



OJ L 52 of 3.3.2010

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