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Sharing of information on terrorist kidnappings

This Recommendation aims to put an end to terrorist kidnappings. To achieve this, the Council recommends gathering background information, establishing contacts and initiating discussions. It lists the information which Member States should exchange.


Council Recommendation 2007/562/EC of 12 June 2007 concerning sharing of information on terrorist kidnappings


Member States must rise to the challenge of bringing kidnappings by terrorist groups to an end. To assist them in this, the Council recommends sharing information.

The experience gained by Member States from such incidents must be shared to increase the capacities of each of them. With this in mind, Member States submit a data sheet containing unclassified information on kidnappings. This information is restricted to incidents related to international terrorism and is transmitted only after they have been resolved.

Passing on information

Member States forward the information concerning the crime, the hostages and the kidnappers. Personal data will be transmitted in accordance with national law.

The data relating to the crime are: the place, date and time of the start and end of the kidnapping, the modus operandi, the motivation for the kidnapping and whether or not a mediator was involved.

The information required for the hostages relates to their nationality, gender, reasons for being in the country and language skills.

The information to be forwarded concerning the terrorists includes their ideology, the group responsible, their nationality, language skills, modus operandi and the means used to address the public.

The liaison offices serve to exchange information on terrorist incidents. Finally, Member States share all the information with Europol and, on the basis of the quantity and type of shared data, will ascertain whether it would be appropriate to set up a database.

Member States are to draw up a list of all kidnappings which have occurred since 1 January 2002, as well as a list of contact details with a view to forwarding them to one another.


Act Entry into force - Date of expiry Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal
Recommendation 2007/562/EC - - OJ L 214 of 17.8.2007


Council Decision 2005/671/JHA of 20 September 2005 on the exchange of information and cooperation concerning terrorist offences [Official Journal L 253 of 29 September 2005]

Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament - Towards enhancing access to information by law enforcement agencies [COM(2004) 429 final - Not published in the Official Journal]

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