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Oisin Programme (1997-2000)



To prevent, detect and combat terrorism and crime by improving co-operation between law enforcement authorities in order to provide greater insight into and understanding of the legal systems and law enforcement practices in other Member States as well as upgrading the skills of those working in law enforcement.

2) ACT

Joint Action 97/12/JHA of 20 December 1996 adopted by the Council on the basis of Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union providing a common programme for the exchange and training of, and co-operation between, law enforcement authorities (Oisin) [Official Journal L 7, 10.01.1997].


The Joint Action establishes for the period 1997 to 2000 a programme for enhancing law enforcement co-operation, to be known as "Oisin" (Article 1(1)).

'Law enforcement authorities' means all public bodies existing in Member States which are responsible under national law for preventing, detecting and combating criminal offences (Article 1(2)).

The programme provides for four categories of action:

  • training (to include language training), familiarisation with legislation and operational procedures;
  • exchange of training personnel (seminars and teaching modules) and provision of operational expertise (work experience exchanges and study visits by individuals and groups);
  • scientific research on subjects such as police and customs cooperation, operational feasibility studies and evaluation of Oisin projects, design, production and dissemination of training materials ;
  • exchanges of information on operational issues, joint pilot operations, preparation of confidential directories, analyses of reports (Article 6).

Community financing (ECU 8 million over the period 1997-99) is available for any projects under this heading provided they are of European interest and involve more than one Member State. Community financing may not exceed 80% of total project costs.
Participation in the projects is open to applicant countries, with a view to making them familiar with the achievements of the Union in this area and contributing to their preparation for accession, and to other third countries where it serves the aims of the projects (Article 7).

The Action entered into force on 10 January 1997.

For more information on the second phase of the programme, see " OISIN II "


The Commission submitted the first report on the implementation of the Oisin (1996-97) programme to the European Parliament and the Council in June 1998 [SEC(98) 1048].

Annual programme for 1999 - Official Journal C 12, 16.01.1999.
Annual programme and invitation for applications for 2000
- Official Journal C 355, 08.12.1999.
It lays out the annual priorities regarding the implementation of the programme on the one hand and supplies general and practical information to applicants seeking finance to initiate projects on the other.


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