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Cooperation between customs authorities and business organisations of the Member States


To consolidate the already cooperative relationship between the customs authorities of the Member States and business organisations in combating drug trafficking.

2) ACT

Joint Action 96/698/JHA of 29 November 1996, adopted by the Council on the basis of Article K.3 of the Treaty of the European Union, on cooperation between customs authorities and business organisations in combating drug trafficking [Official Journal L 322 of 12.12.1996].


In order to consolidate the already cooperative relationship between customs authorities of the business organisations operating in the European Union in combating drug trafficking, Member States will establish or further develop Memoranda of Understanding programmes at national level under the guidelines laid down in this joint action and will invite participation in such programmes.

Memoranda of Understanding between customs authorities and business organisations may contain, but need not be confined to, provisions in respect of the following:

  • the exchange of contact names in customs and in the signatory organisation;
  • the provision to customs, by the signatory, of advance cargo or passenger data as appropriate;
  • access by customs to the signatory's information systems;
  • assessment by customs of the signatory's security procedures;
  • development and implementation of plans to improve such security;
  • checking of newly recruited staff by the signatory;
  • provision by customs of training for the signatory's staff.

Customs authorities will periodically review the operation of national Memoranda of Understanding programmes and will also review the implementation of individual Memoranda of Understanding and, in agreement with the signatories, adapt them as necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Member States will notify the Council Secretariat of the measures they have taken to implement the provisions of this joint action one year after its entry into force and thereafter as requested by the Presidency.

Member States may at their discretion extend the scope of Memoranda of Understanding established under the programmes referred to at 1 to cover other offences for which the customs authorities are competent in addition to drug trafficking.

of entry into force
Final date for implementation in the Member States
Joint action 96/698/JHA12.12.1996-



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