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Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Internal market

The European pharmaceutical industry has an important role to play in ensuring that the people of Europe enjoy a good standard of health. The European Union strives, therefore, to guarantee broad access to medicinal products, to provide the public with high quality information, and to ensure that the medicinal products manufactured are safe and effective. The single market for pharmaceutical products makes it possible to achieve these aims by increasing the competitiveness of the industry through promoting research and innovation for the benefit of the public.
The European cosmetic industry is an important employer. 150 000 people work in the industry itself, and the sale, distribution and transport of cosmetics indirectly creates a further 350 000 jobs. With a production value of more than €35 billion, this innovative industry is a world leader in the field. The European Union aims to ensure free movement of cosmetic products in the internal market and to guarantee that the products are safe.

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