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Fire safety in existing hotels

The aim of this Recommendation is to define a minimum fire safety level for all hotels in the Member States.


Council Recommendation 86/666/EEC of 22 December 1986 on fire safety in existing hotels.


Member States are recommended to take action to ensure that hotels are subject to provisions based on the principles set out in the Recommendation, in particular:

  • safe escape routes should be available, unobstructed and clearly marked;
  • buildings should be stable at least as long as necessary to allow safe evacuation of occupants;
  • warning systems should be installed and in full working order;
  • staff should be given suitable instructions and training.

The annex to the Recommendation contains technical guidelines in particular for the construction of hotel buildings.

Member States are recommended to inspect hotels periodically.

Member States must inform the Commission of the national regulations which they intend to introduce in the next five years to ensure that hotels meet the requirements of the Recommendation.

Act Entry into force Deadline for implementation in the Member States Official Journal

Recommendation 86/666/EEC



OJ L 384 of 31.12.1986


Report from the Commission on application of the Council Recommendation of 22 December 1986 on fire safety in existing hotels (86/666/EEC) [COM(2001) 348 final - Not published in the Official Journal]
On 27 June 2001 the Commission presented a report on the application of the Council Recommendation of 22 December 1986 on fire safety in existing hotels. The Commission points out that the impact of this Recommendation in the different Member States depends on the level of protection already in place and on how national law has been transposed. The national laws already include or even go beyond the Recommendation's technical guidelines or minimum requirements. In certain Member States the Recommendation has only been partially implemented, being applied only to the construction of new hotels or work in existing establishments.

Council Resolution of 4.5.1997 on fire safety in hotels [Official Journal C 205 of 25.7.1994].

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