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Pre-accession strategy

The pre-accession strategy offers a "structured dialogue" between the candidate countries and the EU institutions throughout the accession process, providing all the parties with a framework and the necessary instruments. It is laid down for each candidate country individually.

The pre-accession strategy follows on from the European Council of Luxembourg (December 1997) during which a reinforced pre-accession strategy for the ten Central and Eastern European candidate countries was launched. It is essentially based on:

  • the bilateral agreements;
  • the accession partnerships and the national programmes for the adoption of the acquis;
  • participation in Community programmes, agencies and committees;
  • political dialogue;
  • the evaluation of the Commission ("monitoring");
  • pre-accession assistance;
  • cofinancing by international financial institutions (IFI).

In addition to these main instruments, the pre-accession strategy may include others for individual candidates, depending on their particular circumstances.


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