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Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI)

Article 71 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) establishes a Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI) within the Council. It is composed of members of the competent national ministries who will be assisted by permanent representatives of the Member States within the European Union (EU) in Brussels and by the secretariat of the Council.

The Committee’s objective is to facilitate, promote and strengthen the coordination of operational actions of the EU Member States in the field of internal security. In this capacity, it will act in a number of different areas including police and customs co-operation, the protection of external borders and judicial cooperation in criminal matters. It will submit a regular report on its activities to the Council, who will then inform the European Parliament and the national parliaments.

The COSI, as well as the Political and Security Committee (PSC), must also assist the Council with regards to the ‘solidarity clause’ (Article 222 TFEU).

The COSI will not take part in the preparation of new legislation or the conduct of operations.


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