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Set up by a Council Decision in 2002, Eurojust is the body entrusted with reinforcing the fight against serious crime through closer judicial cooperation within the European Union.

This body for coordinating Member States' national public prosecution services comprises 27 national representatives: judges, prosecutors and police officers on secondment from each Member State. It can carry out its tasks through one or more of the national members or collectively. Moreover, each Member State may appoint one or more national correspondents, who may also act as contact points for the European Judicial Network.

Eurojust's competence covers investigations and prosecutions in relation to serious crime, particularly organised crime or cross-border crime. Its goals are to promote coordination between competent authorities in the Member States but also to facilitate international mutual legal assistance, and carry out extradition requests and European arrest warrants.

Eurojust also contributes to Member States' criminal investigations on the basis of analyses carried out by Europol. There is some overlap in the two bodies' competences with regard to: computer crime, fraud and corruption, laundering of the proceeds of crime, environmental crime, participation in a criminal organisation.



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