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European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan

Under the framework of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP), the European Union is contributing to reforming the police service in Afghanistan and is thus participating in the efforts of the international community towards the reconstruction of the country.


Council Joint Action 2007/369/CFSP of 30 May 2007 on establishment of the European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL AFGANISTAN) [See amending acts].


The European Union (EU) is leading a police mission in Afghanistan, called "EUPOL Afghanistan". The aims of the mission include the implementation, under Afghan ownership, of:

  • sustainable and effective civilian policing arrangements;
  • a trusted and efficient police service, which works in accordance with international standards, within the framework of the rule of law and respects human rights.


In order to achieve these objectives, the EUPOL Afghanistan mission shall:

  • work on strategy development in police reform;
  • support the Government of Afghanistan in coherently implementing their strategy;
  • improve cohesion and coordination among international actors involved in Afghanistan;
  • support linkages between the police and the wider rule of law.

More specifically, the Mission will contribute to strategy development in the fields of criminal investigation, training, border control and counter-narcotics. EUPOL Afghanistan shall be a non-executive mission. It will confine itself to monitoring, mentoring, advising and training activities.

Structure of the Mission

The Mission comprises:

  • a Head of Mission;
  • Advisers;
  • a “Training” section;
  • an “Advice and Mentoring” section;
  • an Administration Department.

The mission is made up of 160 international staff and 77 local staff (in June 2008), deployed at the central and provincial level. 18 European Union Member States have contributed to the mission, alongside Canada, Croatia and Norway. The Head Quarters are situated in Kabul.


The EUPOL Afghanistan mission forms part of the Joint Declaration of 16 November 2005 “Committing to a new EU Afghan Partnership” and the Afghanistan Compact launched on 31 January 2006, which aims in particular to make Afghanistan a secure, stable, free, prosperous and democratic country.

On 12 February 2007 the Council approved the concept of a police mission in the country. On 16 May 2007, the Afghan Government invited the European Union to deploy the mission. It was officially launched on 15 June 2007 and shall expire on 30 May 2010.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition into the Member StatesOfficial Journal
2007/369/CFSP30.5.2007-OJ L 139 of 31.5.2007

Modifying act(s)Entry into forceDeadline for transposition into the Member StatesOfficial Journal
2007/733/ CFSP13.11.2007-OJ L 295 of 14.11.2007
2008/229/ CFSP17.3.2008-OJ L 75 of 18.3.2008
2008/643/ CFSP4.8.2008-OJ L 207 of 5.8.2008

Successive amendments and corrections to Joint Action 2007/369/CFSP have been incorporated into the original text. The consolidated version (pdf ) is intended purely as a documentation tool.

Last updated: 17.09.2008

See also

For further information, please consult the Council web page on the EUPOL Afghanistan mission.

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