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Action to combat illicit trade in light weapons

To contribute to the fight against trafficking of small arms and light weapons (SALW) by air, this decision provides for the development of software, pilot implementation systems and training programmes for monitoring and disseminating information on suspected air cargo actors.


Council Decision 2010/765/CFSP of 2 December 2010 on EU action to counter the illicit trade of small arms and light weapons (SALW) by air.


This decision defines European Union (EU) level projects for combating the illicit trade of small arms and light weapons (SALW) by air, as part of the implementation of the EU SALW strategy. These projects aim at strengthening:

  • the tools and techniques used to screen and target air cargo aircrafts that are suspected of participating in the illicit trade of SALW;
  • technical expertise in monitoring, detecting and risk management analysis of air cargo carriers that are suspected of participating in the illicit trade of SALW.

Project 1: Software package and information system for air trafficking risk management

The project will improve the monitoring of suspected air cargo actors by crisis management missions, international and non-EU countries’ national authorities and EU countries, the prohibition of suspected SALW shipments by air and the secure exchange of information between EU countries on air cargo actors. It will consist of the:

  • development of an air trafficking risk management software package and of a secure pilot risk management and information dissemination system;
  • field testing of the software package and of the information dissemination system;
  • development of a manual and training material on the software package and the information dissemination system;
  • presentation of the software and the related manual and training material at a stakeholder workshop.

Project 2: Publications and training in air trafficking risk management practices

This project will improve the relevant personnel’s awareness of best practices on monitoring, detecting and risk management analysis of suspected air cargo carriers, the standardisation of these best practices, as well as the development of best practices on information coordination. The activities to be pursued under the project consist of the:

  • drafting and dissemination of a manual and related training material to relevant personnel in multilateral organisations, missions or states;
  • training of relevant personnel of crisis management missions and international and non-EU countries’ national authorities by organising regional seminars;
  • development of a model for best practices on information exchanges between relevant personnel based on the results of the training activities and the presentation of this model at a stakeholder workshop.

Project implementation

Under the responsibility of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HR), the Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute (SIPRI) is tasked with the technical implementation of these projects. The Commission will conclude a financing agreement with SIPRI, with a view to effectively supervising the management of the expenditure allocated to the implementation of the projects (EUR 9000 000).

This decision will expire either 24 months after the conclusion of the financing agreement or, if no agreement is concluded, six months after its adoption.


Act Entry into force Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal
Decision 2010/765/CFSP



OJ L 327 of 11.12.2010

This summary is for information only. It is not designed to interpret or replace the reference document, which remains the only binding legal text.

Last updated: 22.02.2011

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