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Mutual assistance between national administrations

This Directive aims to regulate mutual assistance between Member States and with the Commission as regards legislation on veterinary and zootechnical matters.


Council Directive 89/608/EEC of 21 November 1989 on mutual assistance between the administrative authorities of the Member States and cooperation between the latter and the Commission to ensure the correct application of legislation on veterinary and zootechnical matters.


This Directive lays down the ways in which the competent authorities responsible in the Member States for monitoring legislation on veterinary and zootechnical matters are to cooperate with those in the other Member States and with the relevant Commission departments in order to ensure compliance with such legislation.

Cooperation is to take the following form:

  • on request: the applicant authority asks the requested authority to communicate all information that will enable it to verify that the provisions laid down in legislation on veterinary and zootechnical matters have been complied with or to carry out inquiries into the accuracy of certain facts.
  • the applicant authority may also ask the requested authority to step up its monitoring activities in areas where irregularities are suspected.
  • via spontaneous assistance: the authorities of the Member States may communicate information on certain matters spontaneously to the other Member States.

Member States are to communicate to the Commission any information considered useful in connection with compliance with the legislation on veterinary or zootechnical matters, particularly where such information is of Community interest.

The reasons must be given for any refusal to provide assistance.

The information communicated is of a confidential nature.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Directive 89/608/EEC04.12.198901.07.1991OJ L 351 of 02.12.1989
Last updated: 23.08.2006
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