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Preparation and marketing of medicated foodstuffs for animals

This Directive lays down the rules intended to prevent distortions between the keeping and rearing of farm animals and to safeguard public health from dangers arising from the administration of medicated feedingstuffs to animals intended for food production.


Council Directive 90/167/EEC of 26 March 1990 laying down the conditions governing the preparation, placing on the market and use of medicated feedingstuffs in the Community.


The Directive provides that only authorised medicated pre-mixes may be used to manufacture medicated foodstuffs and that precise instructions must be given for the utilisation of such foodstuffs.

Producers must have adequate premises and staff whose knowledge of and qualifications in mixing technology are adequate.

Producers shall also be responsible for the quality of the products placed on the market.

Medicated foodstuffs may be placed on the market only in sealed packaging labelled in accordance with the Community provisions in force.

Medicated foodstuffs may be supplied to stockfarmers only on presentation of a prescription from a veterinarian subject to certain specific conditions.

Where medicated foodstuffs are administered to animals intended for human consumption, treated animals must not be slaughtered before the end of the legally stipulated withdrawal period.

In order to permit effective controls, those concerned must keep a register, or retain documents for a certain period.

The safeguard measures laid down by Directive 89/662/EEC and the rules on veterinary checks laid down in that Directive shall apply to trade in medicated pre-mixes.


Act Entry into force - Date of expiry Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal
Directive 90/167/EEC 06.04.1990 30.09.1991 OJ L 92 of 07.04.1990


Directive 2001/82/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 November 2001 on the Community code relating to veterinary medical products [Official Journal L 311 of 28.11.2001].
The European Union has combined in a single act all current provisions on the production, marketing, distribution and use of veterinary medical products. In 2004 this legislation was amended to take account, in particular, of the experience gained and the rapid development of knowledge and technology in the area of pharmaceuticals.

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