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Notification of diseases

The European Union (EU) is setting up a notification system to prevent the spread of certain contagious diseases which present a risk to the Community herd. This information facilitates the application of the various protection measures provided for in Community regulations.


Council Directive 82/894/EEC of 21 December 1982 on the notification of animal diseases within the Community [See amending acts]


The Directive makes it obligatory for Member States to notify the Commission of an outbreak * as well as its eradication for certain contagious diseases so as to prevent their spread in Community livestock.

The Member States must notify:

  • the Commission and the other Member States within twenty four hours of both the primary outbreak and the withdrawal of the restrictions imposed after the eradication of the last outbreak and;
  • the Commission of any secondary outbreaks on the first working day of each week.

Close cooperation between the Member States is provided for so that the notification can be adjusted in line with technical requirements.

The Commission is assisted by the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health.

Key terms of the Act
  • Outbreak: the farm or the place, located on Community territory, where animals are kept together and where one or several cases have been officially confirmed.
  • Primary outbreak: any outbreak not epizootiologically linked with a previous outbreak in the same region of a Member State, or the first outbreak in a different region of the same Member State.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal

Directive 82/894/EEC



OJ L 378 of 31.12.1982

Amending act(s)Entry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal

Regulation (EC) No 807/2003



OJ L 122 of 16.05.2003

Subsequent amendments and corrections to Directive 82/894/EEC have been incorporated in the basic text. This consolidated version  has a purely documentary value.


ANNEX I - Diseases which are subject to notification:
Decision 2004/216/EC [Official Journal L 67 of 5.3.2004];
Decision 2008/650/EC [Official Journal L 213 of 8.8.2008].

ANNEX II – Information to be given under the notification
Decision 2004/216/EC [Official Journal L 67 of 5.3.2004];
Decision 2008/650/EC [Official Journal L 213 of 8.8.2008].


Commission Decision 2007/142/EC of 28 February 2007 establishing a Community Veterinary Emergency Team to assist the Commission in supporting Member States and third countries in veterinary matters relating to certain animal diseases [Official Journal L 62 of 1.3.2007].

Commission Decision 2005/176/EC of 1 March 2005 laying down the codified form and the codes for the notification of animal diseases pursuant to Council Directive 82/894/EEC [Official Journal L 59 of 5.3.2005].
Amended by:
Decision 2006/924/EC [Official Journal L 354 of 14.12.2006];
Decision 2008/755/EC [Official Journal L 258 of 26.9.2008];
Decision 2009/847/EC [Official Journal L 307 of 21.11.2009];
Decision 2010/160/EU [Official Journal L 68 of 18.3.2010].

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