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Contact-point network against corruption

This decision establishes a European network of contact points against corruption. The network consists of relevant organisations in Member States. The Commission, Europol and Eurojust are fully associated with its activities. The aim of the network is to facilitate and enhance cooperation in order to fight against corruption more effectively.


Council Decision 2008/852/JHA of 24 October 2008 on a contact-point network against corruption.


This decision establishes a network of Member States’ contact points responsible for preventing and combating corruption. It aims to enhance cooperation between these contact points in order to step up action against corruption at the European Union (EU) level.

The network is composed of the relevant authorities and agencies of Member States. Each Member State designates one to three organisations as its members. The Commission also participates in the activities of the network and designates its own representatives. Similarly, Europol and Eurojust may take part in the network. An updated list of contact points will be maintained.

The tasks of the network consist of:

  • setting up a forum for the exchange of best practices and experiences concerning the prevention and fight against corruption;
  • facilitating and upholding communication between its members.

A specific website will be created for these purposes. Furthermore, the network is to meet at least once a year in order to carry out its tasks.

The establishment of the network will not affect the rules governing police and judicial cooperation between Member States nor the role of the European Police College (CEPOL).

The informal collaboration taking place between the European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) is the basis for the organisation of the network. Each Member State, the Commission, Europol and Eurojust is to bear its own expenses relating to the network.


At the AGIS conference of November 2004 on the enhancement of operational cooperation in fighting corruption in the EU, the EPAC supported the establishment of a European anti-corruption network. This initiative was further endorsed at their annual meeting in November 2006.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal

Decision 2008/852/JHA



OJ L 301 of 12.11.2008

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