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ITER: Euratom/Japan agreement on nuclear fusion

As a complement to ITER, an international fusion energy project, the European Union (EU) and Japan have adopted an agreement on a "broader approach" in this field. This will serve as a basis for various research and development activities concerning new materials and operating scenarios, with a view to the construction of a future demonstration power plant (DEMO).


Council Decision 2007/614/Euratom of 30 January 2007 concerning the conclusion, by the Commission, of the Agreement between the European Atomic Energy Community and the Government of Japan for the Joint Implementation of the Broader Approach Activities in the Field of Fusion Energy Research


The purpose of this Agreement between the European Union (EU) and Japan is to introduce a framework for the achievement of a "broader approach" in the field of fusion energy, following on from the ITER project.

The Agreement, scheduled for ten years, is open to other ITER parties.


The "broader approach" activities refer to three research projects developed in Japan:

  • the project completing the design of the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF/EVEDA), for the testing and qualification of advanced materials in environment conditions comparable to those of a fusion power reactor;
  • the "satellite" Tokamak programme, to develop operating scenarios for the ITER and DEMO projects;
  • the project relating to the International Fusion Energy Research Centre, a body responsible for coordinating the DEMO design R&D, large-scale simulation of plasmas to produce fusion power by supercomputers and remote experimentation to facilitate broad participation by scientists in the experiments conducted under ITER.


The management structure for the "broader approach" activities comprises:

  • the steering committee;
  • the secretariat;
  • the project committee(s);
  • the project leader(s) and project team(s);
  • the implementing agencies.

Implementing instruments

The project plan (covering the duration of the project), which is submitted to the steering committee for approval no later than 31 March each year by each project leader after consulting the project committee, comprises:

  • a description of all the planned activities;
  • a detailed schedule of the main stages of implementation;
  • an overview of the contributions made and to be made.

After consulting the project committee, each project leader submits a work programme for the following year to the steering committee for approval, containing:

  • the points of the corresponding project plan;
  • programming specifications for the activities to be carried out (objectives, planning, current expenditure, contributions expected from each party, etc.).

Each project leader submits an annual report to the steering committee for approval (no later than 31 March of each year). This document is then forwarded to the parties and the implementing agencies.

Finally, each party is entitled to carry out a financial audit at any time during this agreement and for up to 5 years afterwards.


The resources for the implementation of the "broader approach" activities may be:

  • contributions in kind;
  • specific components, equipment and materials, as well as goods and services;
  • the experts made available to the project teams;
  • the personnel made available to the various management bodies;
  • financial contributions.

The European contribution, which mainly takes the form of contributions in kind, amounts to approximately EUR 340 million.


ActEntry into forceDelay for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Decision 2007/614/Euratom



OJ L 246 of 21.9.2007

Last updated: 20.05.2008
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