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European Statistical Governance Advisory Board

The European Statistical Governance Advisory Board provides an independent overview of the European Statistical System.


Decision No 235/2008/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2008 establishing the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board.


The European Statistical Governance Advisory Board is an independent body established to oversee how the European Statistics Code of Practice is implemented in the European Statistical System.
The Advisory Board carries out its mission:

  • through an annual report for the Parliament and Council on the implementation of the Code of Practice by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat);
  • through an assessment of the implementation of the Code in the European Statistical System as a whole, included in the annual report;
  • by advising on the implementation of the Code by Eurostat and the European Statistical System as a whole;
  • by advising on communicating the Code to users and data providers;
  • by advising on the updating of the Code.

The Advisory Board may advise the Commission to build user confidence in European statistics.


The Advisory Board is comprised of seven independent members who are experts in the field of statistics. The European Parliament and the Council each nominate three members after consulting the Commission.

After consulting the Commission, the Chairperson is selected by the Council and approved by the Parliament. The term of office for the chairperson is three years, renewable once. He or she cannot be a member of either a National Statistical Office or the Commission, nor have held such a post within the last two years.

If a member resigns before the expiry of his or her term of office, his or her replacement is nominated to serve a full term.

Eurostat is an observer member of the Advisory Board.


The Advisory Board is assisted by an independent secretariat which is provided by the Commission. A secretary is appointed by the Commission after consulting the Board.

The public can have access to the annual report on the implementation of the Code of Practice. Furthermore, all non-confidential documents can be made public after submission for response to the Parliament, the Council, the Commission and any other relevant body.

The expenses of the Board are included in the budgetary estimates of the Commission. A review of the role and effectiveness of the Board shall be conducted in 2010.


The European Statistics Code of Practice was established in 2005 by the Statistical Programme Committee. It is presented in the Recommendation of the Commission of 25 May 2005 [COM(2005) 0217 final – Not published in the Official Journal]. The Code defines standards on the independence, integrity and accountability of the national and Community statistical authorities. It therefore contributes to the improvement of good governance, the quality of statistical data and user confidence in the authorities concerned.

A dialogue on the Code of Practice must be established between the Statistical Programme Committee, the European Statistical Advisory Committee and the relevant bodies in the Member States.



Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Decision 235/2008/EC



OJ L 73 of 15.3.2008

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