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Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Men and Women

The aim of this Decision is to set up an institutionalised framework for the purpose of regular consultations and exchange, between bodies and institutions which have special responsibility in the Member States for promoting equality of opportunity.


Commission Decision of 16 June 2008 relating to the setting up of an Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (codified version).


The Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men has the remit of assisting the Commission in formulating and implementing Community measures aimed at promoting equal opportunities for women and men. It is a framework to encourage the exchange of relevant experience, policies and pratices between the Member States and the various actors involved.

The Committee has 68 members with a three-year, renewable term of office. It is composed of one representative from each Member State appointed by the respective Government from among the officials of Ministries or Government Departments responsible for promoting equal opportunities, one representative from each Member State appointed by the Commission upon a proposal from the organisation concerned, from among the members of national committees or bodies specifically responsible for equal opportunities, 7 members representing employers' organisations at Community level, and 7 members representing employees' organisations at Community level. The European Women's Lobby is represented atcommittee meetings by two members as observers; representatives of international, professional and membership organisations may also be admitted as observers following a reasoned request made to the Commission.

The Committee will elect a Chairperson and two Vice-Chairpersons from among its members for a period of one year.

The Chairperson may invite any person who is specially qualified in a particular subject on the agenda to take part in the work of the Committee as an expert.

The Committee will be convened by the Commission and will meet at least twice a year at the Commission's headquarters. 5. The Committee's deliberations are based on requests for opinions made by the Commission and on opinions delivered on its own initiative. They are not followed by a vote.


Commission Decision 82/43/EEC of 9 December 1981 relating to the setting up of an Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men has been amended several times. Steps should be taken to codify the said Decision in the interests of clarity and rationality. This Decision repeals Decision 82/43/EEC.



Entry into force - Date of expiry

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Decision 2008/590/EC



OJ L 190 of 18.7.2008

Last updated: 17.10.2008

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For further information please consult the website of the European Commission Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

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