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Fruit jams and sweetened chestnut purée

The composition and labelling of fruit jams and sweetened chestnut purée are subject to specific rules.


Council Directive 2001/113/EC of 20 December 2001 relating to fruit jams, jellies and marmalades and sweetened chestnut purée intended for human consumption [See amending act(s)].


The products covered by this Directive are jam, extra jam, jelly, extra jelly, marmalade, jelly marmalade and sweetened chestnut purée.

Products intended for the manufacture of fine bakery wares, pastries or biscuits are not covered by this Directive.

The products concerned are defined on the basis of their composition so as to ensure that the product names are used correctly in trade, and not in a manner which may mislead.

The product name is supplemented by an indication of the fruit or fruits used, in descending order of weight. However, for products manufactured from three or more fruits, the indication of the fruits used may be replaced by the words "mixed fruit" or a similar wording, or by the number of fruits used.

In addition, the labelling of jams, jellies, marmalades and sweetened chestnut puree must include the following:

  • fruit content per 100 grams of product;
  • total sugar content if no nutrition claim is made for sugars on the labelling pursuant to Directive 90/496/EEC;
  • residual content of sulphur dioxide, where it is more than 10 mg/kg.

Annex II to the Directive establishes a list of authorised additives such as honey, sugar, fruit juice and certain spirits.

The Member States may not obstruct the marketing of products that comply with the provisions of this Directive.


This Directive forms part of the programme to simplify certain vertical Directives relating to foodstuffs. It takes account of the Directive on labelling and the advertising of foodstuffs.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Directive 2001/113/EC



OJ L 10 of 12.1.2002

Amending act(s)Entry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Directive 2004/84/EC

12 .7.2004


OJ L 219 of 19.6.2004

Regulation (EC) No 1182/2007



OJ L 273 of 17.10.2007

Successive amendments and corrections to Directive 2001/113/EC have been incorporated into the basic text. This consolidated version is for information only.

Last updated: 27.12.2010
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