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Appliances burning gaseous fuels

This Directive meets the need for legislative harmonisation to comply with safety, health and energy-saving requirements relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels in the European Union.


Directive 2009/142/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels (Text with EEA relevance).


This Directive defines the rules applying to the following gas appliances and fittings:

  • appliances burning gaseous fuels used for cooking, heating, hot water production, refrigeration, lighting or washing and having a normal water temperature not exceeding 105 °C;
  • safety equipment, such as in particular safety devices, controlling devices and regulating devices.

These appliances must be designed and built in such a way as to operate safely and present no danger to persons, domestic animals or property.

When placed on the market, all appliances must be accompanied by:

  • technical instructions for the installer, giving details of the type of gas and supply pressure used, the flow of fresh air required, as well as the conditions for the dispersal of combustion products;
  • instructions for use and servicing intended for the user which give the information required for safe installation;
  • warnings indicating the type of gas, the supply pressure and any restrictions on use.

Manufacturers must guarantee the safety of the properties of materials.

The manufacturer must lodge an application for type-examination with the notified body * including:

  • the manufacturer’s name and address;
  • a written declaration;
  • design documentation.

Where the application satisfies the criteria laid down by this Directive, the notified body must issue an EC type-examination certificate to the applicant.

EC surveillance ensures that the manufacturer duly fulfils the obligations arising out of the approved quality system.

The manufacturer may also make an EC declaration of conformity to type *.

The gas appliance or installation must include the following inscriptions:

  • the manufacturer's name or identification symbol;
  • the trade name of the appliance;
  • the type of electrical supply used;
  • the appliance category;
  • the last two digits of the year in which the “CE” marking was affixed.

This Directive repeals Directive 90/396/EC.

Key terms of the Act
  • Notified body: provides conformity assessment services under the conditions laid down by directives. This is a service to manufacturers in the public interest;
  • EC declaration of conformity to type: product quality assurance, a notified body assesses and checks the manufacturer’s quality systems.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal

Directive 2009/142/EC



OJ L 330 of 16.12.2009

This summary is for information only. It is not designed to interpret or replace the reference document, which remains the only binding legal text.

Last updated: 12.02.2010
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