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High-definition television - HDTV


High-definition television (HDTV) is of strategic importance for the European consumer electronics industry and for the European television and film industries. With a view to its launch on the market in 1992, this Decision laid down the objectives intended to form the basis of a comprehensive strategy for the introduction of HDTV services in Europe


Council Decision 89/337/EEC of 27 April 1989 on high-definition television.


This Decision sets the five following objectives as a basis for a comprehensive strategy for the introduction of HDTV services in Europe:

  • to make every effort to ensure that the European industry develops in time all the technology, components and equipment required for the launching of HDTV services;
  • to promote the adoption of the European proposal (1 250 lines, 50 complete frames per second) as the single world standard;
  • to promote the widest use of the European HDTV system throughout the world;
  • to promote the introduction, as soon as possible, of HDTV services in Europe;
  • to make every effort to ensure that the European film and television production industry achieves the capability, experience and dimension required to occupy a competitive position on the world market.

In 1994, its application was extended to the members of the European Economic Area.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Decision 89/337/EEC25.5.1989-OJ L 142 of 25.5.1989.



Council Decision 93/424/EEC of 22 July 1993 on an action plan for the introduction of advanced television services in Europe [Official Journal L 281 of 5.8.1993].
This Decision aims to ensure the accelerated development of the market for advanced television services in the 16:9 format and using 625 or 1 250 lines in order to contribute to market penetration by receiver equipment in the 16:9 format.


Council Decision 89/630/EEC of 7 December 1989 on the common action to be taken by the Member States with respect to the adoption of a single world-wide high-definition television production standard by the Plenary Assembly of the International Radio Consultative Committee (IRCC) in 1990 [Official Journal L 363 of 13.12.1989].
This Decision aims to contribute to the smooth development of high-definition television (HDTV) production though common action to promote the adoption by the IRCC of a single world-wide high-definition television production standard.

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