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Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner

The EU tries to make life better for all of us in all sorts of ways, like protecting the countryside, making sure the food we eat is safe, making phone calls and texts cheaper, fighting crime and lots, lots more.

The EU also works to improve life for children and young people. You need to know your rights, what you can expect from the world around you and what you don't have to put up with!

There's so much to find out - and here's the best place to start! Have fun!

Check out your rights

This EU website on children's rights is for children and teenagers like YOU! Play games, watch cartoons and videos and learn about your rights. You can also find out who to contact in your country if you feel you are not being treated fairly. Oli, Ana and their friends will guide you on your way!

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The EU: what’s it all about?

What do you know about the European Union?

Did you know that there are over 500 million people living in the European Union?

Do you know that people in the European Union speak 24 different official languages?

And that the European Union was created over 50 years ago and has grown from 6 to 28 countries?

And have you heard about the European flag with its twelve golden stars on a blue background?

Click here to find out lots more about the EU!


Let's explore Europe!

The EU has 28 member countries. Each has a different history, geography and culture. Test your knowledge in a board game – play alone or challenge classmates.


Time Machine

Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the history of Europe. Fly the spaceship into the right answer, making sure to avoid the meteorites!



Test your knowledge of the EU and its 28 member countries as you take on the role of an alien visiting planet Earth. Play alone, or challenge friends or other players – this game is a real brain-teaser!



The European Central Bank controls how much money circulates in Europe. The Bank aims to achieve stable prices which are good for all of us. Can you set the right interest rate to keep inflation low?


Inflation Island

Deflation, inflation and hyper-inflation affect all sections of society differently. Take a tour of an island to see their impact and then test your knowledge.


Flight Game Quiz

Navigate your plane through obstacles and collect points by answering questions about the EU and your rights.


Find the security features!

There are four ways to check whether or not a banknote is fake. Can you spot them?


Pool quiz

Did you know that you have the right to be safe, to be looked after properly, to get healthy food, to see a doctor if you are sick, to learn, play and rest? Play a game of pool and discover all of your rights!


Language Quiz

Think you know a thing or two about languages? Test your knowledge with our European languages Language Quiz.


Euro Run

Help Anna and Alex collect coins and notes from the EU's currency - used by 19 countries – the euro. Be on your guard – magpies and forgers also want your money!



The EU has 24 official languages. Identify them while avoiding evil spiders to score points. You have to be quick!


Balloon game

Pixel, Urso, Kangi, Blu, Nina, Max and Bob want to guide you through your rights, but they have been captured on a desert island. Rescue them by showing that you know your rights and navigate your way to freedom.


Where's the coin from?

19 EU countries share the same currency – the euro. Each country has its own design. Can you match the coin with the country?

112 quiz

Having a single emergency telephone number – 112 – across the EU means everyone can contact the emergency services quickly, whether at home or abroad. Do you know how to use it? Take the quiz and find out!

Dive and count

The euro is used in 19 EU countries. Can you recognise each of the euro coins? Swim through the ocean and collect a fixed amount of money. But watch out for the jellyfish!

Time Traveller

We didn't always use the euro. Travel through time and collect ancient currencies but remember to avoid the vultures and spiders…

Memory game

Each of the 28 EU countries has its own flag. See if you can match the pairs by turning over the cards. Learn what the colours in each flag mean.


Picture puzzle

There are lots of famous buildings and monuments in all of the EU's 28 member countries. Choose one of them and slide the pieces around to make it into a whole picture again.


Banknote puzzle

The euro is used by people across 19 EU countries. There are seven different euro notes, from €5 to €500. Put together the pieces to create each euro banknote.


112 puzzle

You don’t need to look up the phone number for the police or an ambulance when in another EU country – it's always 112. Complete the puzzle to see a picture of the emergency services in action.


Colouring book

Choose your favourite colours for Ana and Oli, Pixel, Urso, Kangi, Blu, Nina, Max and Bob who are here to guide you through your rights.


Jigsaw puzzle

Complete the jigsaw puzzle to reveal Ana and Oli, Pixel, Urso, Kangi, Blu, Nina, Max and Bob who are here to guide you through your rights.


Organic farming memory game

Organic farming helps make your food healthier and makes sure animals are looked after properly. Try to match the cards and find all sorts of food that is made this way.