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Privacy statement for online games on the Europa "Kids Corner"

What does this statement concern?

The online games published on the Europa in order to inform the general public about the European Union, as part of the web-portal Kids Corner,, specifically the following games: Let's Explore Europe, Memory Game, Picture Puzzle , LinguaGo and Time Machine.

What personal data does the European Commission collect, what for, and how?

If a players chooses to save the score he or she has obtained when playing the game, the European Commission collects the following mandatory information:

  • E-mail address


The purpose of the data collected is to allow the player to come back and try to improve the score and to compare with other players. It is a standard feature of online games.
Users who register are furthermore asked whether they would like to be informed of the latest news and information, which the Commission might use to send emails about new features on the Kids Corner web-portal.

Data collection method

Personal data are collected via data fields on the website, which are to be filled in by the player
The email addresses are stored along a password and a username chosen by each player. The username is not the real name of the player.

Who has access to your data and to whom is it disclosed?

Designated officials or agents of the European Commission's Directorate General for Communication as well as designated employees of an external contractor (the company Euresin, Brussels) have access to your data. Your data will not be disclosed to anyone else.

How does the European Commission protect and safeguard your data?

The collected personal data and all information related to the above mentioned is stored in the databases of the European Commission and its external contractor, acting as processor, who has to guarantee the data protection and confidentiality required by the Regulation (EC) 45/2001.

How can you verify, modify or delete your data?

You have no direct access to your personal data stored in the databases. If you wish to modify or delete your data, please send a message to the e-mail mentioned below. Your data will be modified or deleted within five working days.

How long will we keep your data?

Your data will be stored for an unlimited period, but only as long as the games are online. They will be deleted immediately thereafter.


European Commission
Directorate General for Communication
Unit Citizens Information and Internal Communication