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The Campaign to End Loneliness launches toolkit for health and wellbeing boards

Age UK Oxfordshire and the Campaign to End Loneliness hosted an international conference at Oxford on July 9-10 to bring together the latest robust evidence on loneliness from around the world. A "loneliness toolkit" for health and wellbeing boards was launched at the conference.


BBC tackles ageing in its new primetime season

Confronting the issues facing the elderly has become one of the UK’s biggest priorities and BBC One, together with some of Britain’s most familiar faces from television, is tackling the issue.


The winners of the Way of Life contest for seniors receive their awards in Budapest

On May 29 the winners of Way of Life literary competition for seniors organised by the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary received their awards during a ceremony which took place in Budapest.


Transnational submissions open for the French Active Ageing Awards

The French Active Ageing Awards (Trophées Trajectoires), now in their 3rd Edition, strive to promote best practices and encourage the employment of seniors.


Eight major European cities will host Cities for Active Inclusion workshops

Eight major European cities which make up the Cities for Active Inclusion network will organise in September and October national workshops on demographic change and active inclusion, presenting their main research findings and promoting the exchange of knowledge between local, regional and national stakeholders.


Public Employment Services analyse their role in tackling the impact of population ageing in European labour markets

Bundesagentur für Arbeit, the Public Employment Service (PES) of Germany, hosted a Peer Review on Public Employment Services and Older Workers on May 10-11 in Nuremberg.


The 2012 Excellence Awards for SECOT Seniors

On 13 June, the 4th SECOT Awards for Excellence took place in Madrid, to give recognition to the valuable work carried out by SECOT volunteers and members in business counselling to entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits with limited economic resources.


Family and socialization are key to age well, according to a study among French seniors

At 65 French have the longest life expectancy in Europe: +18.7 years for men and +23.2 years for women.


Senior citizens and children participate in the Cork Production Stories Awards

CORCHACÇAO is a transborder project between Spain and Portugal whose aim is to promote the development of frontier zones between both countries by boosting the competitiveness of cork production companies.


Dalia Teišerskytė participates in a generations@schools event at the SOS Youth Centre in Vilnius

The well-known Lithuanian journalist, poet and politician Dalia Teišerskytė visited the Vilnius SOS Youth Centre on June 27th in the frame of the generations@school project.

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