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Finland launches the EY2012 website

Finland launches the EY2012 website

The Finnish national EY2012 website is now online. The website has been created in order to disseminate the aims and objectives for the European Year in Finland and around Europe. The site is full of useful insights and information on the EY2012 campaign to help people towards changing perceptions about growing old.

The European Year 2012 promotes activities that help elderly citizens to live life to the full at work, home and in their community.  It also aims to change perceptions through good practices and intergenerational dialogue in forums, events and debates. The theme of the events should take advantage of forums where people of different ages typically work together, such as jobs, schools, community colleges, libraries, cultural houses, multipurpose buildings, sports facilities, etc. Intergenerational dialogue and solidarity paves the way for different ages to learn from each others’ strengths and experience. The more we know the more we can learn from each other.

Organisations, policy-makers should support the European Year for active ageing and intergenerational solidarity 2012 in their year's operational planning. The highlighted themes to be focused on are:

  • High-quality and long-term careers support
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Active age related issues
  • Solidarity between generations

To support the Finnish campaign for EY2012 or to find out more information about the proposed events taking place throughout Finland, please click on the following link.