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Call for papers: Learning and Active Ageing

Call for papers: Learning and Active Ageing © Ctacik | Dreamstime

"eLearning Papers", a European Commission’s online publication promoting the use of ICT for lifelong learning in Europe, seeks submissions for its issue number 29, which will be dedicated to Active Ageing.

The issue, due to be published in June 2012, will explore what teaching methods and learning environments are being used effectively to promote lifelong learning among older people. It will also consider ways in which civil society, governments and employers support learning and active ageing. The guest editor will be Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General, AGE Platform Europe.

The online publication specifically invites contributions which address one or several of the following topics:

  • Bridging the digital divide among older people, paying due attention to specific challenges faced by older persons with impairments, ethnic minorities, low incomes, older women, etc.
  • Open educational resources for non-traditional students
  • Age-friendly environments, goods and services
  • Fostering technical skills to create adept senior e-learners
  • Learning environments for older learners
  • Challenges for teachers and developers working with older students using ICT
  • Policies and practice: institutional innovation supported by ICTs

Submission deadline is 20 April, 2012.

For further information please read the "eLearning Papers" guidelines here.


Update June 2012: The "eLearning Papers nº 29" dedicated to Learning and Active Ageing is available here.