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Successful European Year event with dancer Aira Samulin in Helsinki

Successful European Year event with dancer Aira Samulin in Helsinki

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health organised a prominent school event on May 31st at Töölö Yhteiskoulu in Helsinki.

Almost 300 high school and secondary school students gathered to listen to Aira Samulin, 85 years old dancer, and ambassador of the European Year 2012.

Aira, who was born in 1927, is a dancer and dance teacher, and EY2012 ambassador. During her visit to the school, she encouraged the young audience to visit older people at nursing homes, and become their "granny buddies", in order to share experiences with them.

The young students were very curious about the beauty tips the long-time dancer star could give them, but Aira simply said that the key to beauty is to sleep enough and be happy with the life you lead. She also pointed out that she has always enjoyed a healthy, smoke-free and alcohol-free diet, and that dancing was the best exercise!

The kids also asked Aira Samulin what was the dance move she preferred, and to everyone's delight, she confessed that John Travolta's moves in the film "Saturday Night Fever" were her favorites. And to prove it, here's a video from her 85th birthday party.