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Luxembourg launches European Year 2012

Luxembourg launches European Year 2012

The "Get Involved!" event took place on Monday, February 27th at the Maison de l’Europe in Luxembourg with the presence of Marie-Josée Jacobs, the Minister of Family and Integration, and Georges Bingen, Head of the European Comission representation in Luxembourg.

Georges Bingen declared that "The aim of this event is to raise awareness about and mobilize the potential of senior citizens, by creating more opportunities to play an active role in society. This will help us fight social isolation of senior citizens and will foster a better integration in a society that is in perpetual and constant evolution. In short, it will contribute to growing old with dignity."

The Government of Luxembourg will focus in 2012 on four fields of actions: employability, social life participation, safe health for seniors and intergenerational solidarity.

Minister Jacobs highlighted the need to change the image of older people and to raise awareness about the contibution they make within families and to society. "It’s all about guaranteeing the quality of life of older people", he said.

Besides from the close collaboration between European institutions and the Ministry of Family, a number of associations will be organising activities in 2012 in Luxembourg. Amongst them: the RBS Center fir Altersfroen, CIGL Esch and the Maison des Associations. 

In this context the first "Café des Âges" took place on February 27th at the Maison de l’Europe, in Luxembourg. More than fifty people attended the "café" event, which in 2012 will celebrate five more editions.

Pictures of the event are available here.


Download the humoristic 2012 active ageing calendar created by the Luxembourg's EY 2012 team in the Ministry of Family and Integration.