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Slovakia celebrates the Seniorforce Day

Slovakia celebrates the Seniorforce Day

The European Seniorforce Day in Slovakia took place on 21-22 September as part of the Volunteering Days, an annual tradition established by NGO C.A.R.D.O. in 2009.

Many organisations and municipalities across the country held activities and opened their doors in order explain their projects to a wider audience and engage new volunteers. In this occasion, in the frame of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, organisations put a special focus on the engagement of senior volunteers.

The events were held in cooperation with the Government Office, national coordinator of the European Year 2012. “The most beautiful thing about volunteering is that people give their time , experience and often money to others, but at the same time volunteering enrich them with new skills and friends”, said Oľga Algayerová,  Advisor of the Prime Minister.

EY2012 Ambassador and MP Jozef Mikloško participated in a press conference in Bratislava on September 19, where he introduced this year’s edition of the Volunteering Days and spoke about the importance of finding new ways to engage senior volunteers. “Senior years can be the best years of our life. Seniors have enough time to spend it in their own way, and when their heart is open to other people their free time will be very soon linked to volunteering”, he said.

On September 21-22 several other Slovak EY2012 Ambassadors engaged in events to motivate elderly to remain active and participate in social projects:

  • Senior advocate Ľubica Galisová took part in a discussion with elderly and policemen in the city of Handlová, where she shared her thoughts about ageing and elder abuse.
  • Geriatrician Ladislav Hegyi attended a presentation and discussion with medical employees in a retirement facility in the city of Stupava. He spoke about the importance of active living for senior’s health.
  • Journalist Kveta Škvarková joined Mr. Hegyi in Stupava. With the collaboration of other personalities she is preparing an article about senior volunteers, which will be soon available at the EY2012 Slovak website.

In Stupava, Ľubica Zajacová, national coordinator of the European Year, reminded the audience that all Ambassadors are participating in this European Year’s activities as volunteers too.

The central event of the Seniorforce Day and Volunteering Days took place in Bratislava, in the square in front of the Primatial Palace, where NGOs and senior associations informed citizens about the possibilities to get involved in their projects.

Click here to see pictures of the activities.