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generations@school project in France and the Chronos Price for youth literature

generations@school project in France and the Chronos Price for youth literature

On Monday 4th June, the Chronos Prize for Literature ceremony was the occasion to celebrate the generations@school project in France.

The Chronos Prize of youth literature is a good example of the work carried out in schools and libraries to introduce children to the different stages of life. A public composed of young readers from infant school to university (as well as senior citizens this year, in the context of the EY2012) voted in April for their favourite book dealing with intergeneration relations and the theme "Growing up means growing older - Growing older means growing up".

Children from 3 classes of infant and primary school, as well as senior members of the jury attended the Awards ceremony in Paris. An emotional moment occurred when preschool students turned to the author of their favourite book to show her the blue bears they had created, inspired from the character of her book.

According to Thouria Azzoug, in charge of the “Early reading space“ in their school, the book was such an inspiration that the children decided to include the blue bear in a short animated video they presented during the event.

Mrs. Houtman, head of the EC representation in Paris, Mrs. Capelle, deputy Mayor of Paris, in charge of Seniors and Intergenerational relations, and Philippe Sassier, journalist and author, also participated in the exchanges.

The 2012 Chronos Prize for Literature winners are:

- 6-7 year old Primary School Children voted for: "Souvenirs de Gibraltar" (Souvenirs of Gibraltar), by Laurence Gillot and illustrations by Charlotte Roederer

- 7-9 year old Primary School Children voted for: "François et le temps" (François and time), by Christine Naumann-Villemin and illustrations by Svjetlan Junaković

- 9-11 year old Primary School Children voted for: "Momo des coquelicots" (Momo from the poppies), by Yaël Hassan

- 11-13 year old Secondary Education Children voted for: "L’Heure des chats" (The cat's hour), by Myriam Gallot

- 13-15 year old Secondary Education children voted for: "Comment (bien) rater ses vacances" (How to spoil your holidays (properly)), by Anne Percin

- 15 + year olds in sixth-form college and above voted for: "Le Jour se lève quand la nuit tombe" (The sun rises when night falls,) by Philippe Sassier

In the context of the 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the CNAV (Centre National d'Assurance Viellesse – National retirement insurance centre) awarded two special Chronos-CNAV Solidarity awards. The prizes went to "Momo des coquelicots", by Yaël Hassan, and "Sako", by Martine Pouchain.