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The Heinrich Boell Foundation publishes the dossier 'Ageing in the Migration Society'

The Heinrich Boell Foundation publishes the dossier & #39;Ageing in the Migration Society& #39;

The number of ageing migrants, particularly in Germany, in the coming years and decades will increase significantly. Not only individuals and families, but also services and institutions for the elderly will have to adapt to this situation and development.

In the European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, the Heinrich Boell Foundation has published a dossier analysing the situation of older migrants in Germany. How can they "age actively", and thus remain healthy as long as possible to participate in all spheres of social life?

The dossier "Ageing in the Migration Society" (Altern in der Migrationsgesellschaft) focuses on the following questions: How are immigrants getting old in Germany? What institutional, social and health policies should be developed to provide older immigrants the same opportunities to participate in society such as native senior citizens?       

The first part of the dossier examines the lives of older people with an immigrant background. What is their social, financial and professional situation?

In the second part, health care is at the centre. The starting point is the health of older immigrants and how social networks and preventive measures can affect health. What are the barriers in health care and what are conceivable solutions?

The third part looks at selected projects working on various facets of active ageing.

Click here to download the dossier (in German).