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Belgian photographer portrays seniors in the skin of a child

Belgian photographer portrays seniors in the skin of a child © Delphine Lebon

Delphine Lebon is a young Belgian photographer whose work arises from the exploration of removing boundaries between reality and the sense of delusion. Her new project entitled "Growing Young" illustrates the relationship between old age and becoming young again.

In the context of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the project helps to create a more dynamic and fun image of older people, as it is composed of a series of shots in which older people are portrayed as young children. For this, Delphine Lebon opted for bright colours and built a stage to make participants look proportionately very small. The series also however carries the intrinsic underlying theme of dementia and the return to a child-like state of dependency.

The Growing Young series can be viewed at It has been exhibited at the Set-Off expo in Leuven, Belgium, and on 5 October it will be presented in the Sunflower Nursing Home, where the images were taken.