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Elderly citizens present the Statement of the Seniors to the Minister during the launch of the European Year in Spain

Elderly citizens present the Statement of the Seniors to the Minister during the launch of the European Year in Spain

The European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations was launched in Spain on April 26th at an event held at the National Police Academy in Avila.

More than 400 people attended the ceremony, opened by the Secretary of State for Social Services, Health and Equality, Juan Manuel Moreno, who announced that throughout the year at least 28 events will be organized throughout Spain related to the themes of the European Year 2012. The objective of the programme of activities prepared by Spain, he said, is to “raise awareness among the citizens, but especially among seniors, in order to make them participate in and feel active members of our society”.

Following an interactive debate between several experts in ageing and the audience, the winners of the intergenerational contest “Sharing experiences” received their awards. In the afternoon, the public enjoyed several musical and singing performances by seniors and had the opportunity to actively take part of regional dances and a tai-chi session.

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, accompanied by the Head of the EC Representation, Francisco Fonseca; the European Parliament deputy  Andrés Naranjo, and high level authorities of the local and regional administrations closed the event. Before her intervention, the Minister received from the hands of the seniors associations the first draft of the “Statement of the Seniors”.

Ana Mato emphasized the special value of this document, because it comes directly from the civil society. “It wasn’t drafted by the government and subsequently passed on to the associations. The associations are the ones who are working in order to make it reality”, she said. 

She also ensured that the Ministry will take measures so all the reforms being adopted by the Government will not impact the wellbeing of the elderly, as society “has a priceless debt with this collective”.

The video “You keep being the protagonist of your life”, produced by the EC Representation in Spain and the European Parliament Office in Spain was presented during the event.



To see the whole video, please visit this webpage:

Pictures of the event in Ávila available here.