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#QueridosAbuelos (Dear Grandparents), Twitter trending topic in Spain

#QueridosAbuelos & #40;Dear Grandparents& #41;, Twitter trending topic in Spain © Jozef Sedmak | Dreamstime

To mark the celebration of Grandparents Day in Spain, the non-governmental organisation Development and Support (Desarrollo y Asistencia) launched with great success a nation-wide campaign on July 26th in Twitter, aimed to leave no “abuelo” or “abuela” (grandfather or grandmother) without a virtual hug on such a special day.

The initiative, followed by hundreds of Internet users spontaneously, exceeded all the expectations of the organisation, which promoted the use of the hashtag #QueridosAbuelos (Dear Grandparents) in Twitter throughout the day.

As a matter of fact, #QueridosAbuelos was a trending topic in Spain at different times of the day. Hundreds of warm, humorous and kind tweets were sent to the Spanish elderly over the Internet, highlighting their importance as transmitters of values, knowledge and traditions.

Development and Support is an NGO with over 15 years of experience in volunteering in Madrid, especially committed to work with seniors who are alone or are dependent.