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Poland approves the Government Programme for Senior Citizens Social Activity 2012-13

Poland approves the Government Programme for Senior Citizens Social Activity 2012-13 © J. Szczepaniak

The Council of Ministers of Poland approved on August 24th the “Government Programme for Senior Citizens Social Activity” for the years 2012-2013. The aim of this comprehensive programme, effective from September 12th, is to improve the quality of life of older people through social activity and allow Polish society to benefit from the vocational potential of the elderly.

With a total budget of 60 million Zloty (approx. 14.5 million Euros), non-governmental organisations, social cooperatives, sports clubs and associations of local governments are invited to benefit from this programme, consisting of two main components:

1. The creation of a long-term policy towards seniors, based on interministerial cooperation and with expert organisations involved in projects with the elderly;

2. A short term policy, based on specific activities to be carried out by participating stakeholders. The projects to be funded by the programme (available here) should take into account the priorities outlined by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, among them:

  • Expand and improve the quality of life-long learning opportunities and reduce the level of e-exclusion.
  • Create the conditions for the integration of older people using the existing social infrastructure
  • Develop different forms of social activity for the elderly, including the promotion of volunteerism, participation in decision-making processes in society, etc.
  • Increase independent living of the elderly, improving the quality of social services and helping to promote self-help and self-organisation.

More detailed information available in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy's website.