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Adult Education Pathways Towards 2020

Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain /2012-/2014

Spain / Lithuania / Poland / Portugal / Hungary

Adult Education Pathways Towards 2020 is a project launched in 2012 which puts the focus on the promotion of a healthy ageing through active citizenship and involvement of old people in volunteer work and community activities.

The partnership behind this project, which involves organisations in 6 EU countries, supports the European Year 2012 for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations by means of creating transference of different models of senior citizen’s learning and promoting the exchange of innovative methodological approaches.

The experience of seniors, through an active participation in all steps of the partnership, will be essential for the continuous review and evaluation of the work developed, as well as the achievement of the main goals of the partnership.

The partnership will develop a Guide on Innovative Methodologies to support teachers of adults in the delivery of effective and engaging educational programmes; a DVD made by Adult Learners in 6 EU official languages, a website of the partnership and a brochure about senior volunteering as a way to disseminate the project.

Initiativtagare: Vocational Training Centre of Wood and Furniture Industries - CFPIMM

CFPIMM (Vocational Training Centre of Wood and Furniture Industries) is a public and non-profit organisation. Since 2006 it has been working with adults with low academic and professional qualifications, mostly aged 50+, with high risk of self-exclusion.

Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Kontakt: Albano Vasconcelos: cfpimm@cfpimm.pt