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Integrating elderly immigrants in Finland



We Do Together is a project aiming to support and integrate elderly immigrants in Finland. Launched initially in Helsinki and its surroundings in 2007, the project has been expanded to other parts of the country with immigrants and refugees.

The project is based on the co-operation of senior volunteers, who organise multi-cultural excursions, camps, events and classes. Immigrants and local native pensioners participate equally in all activities. The objective is to get older people with different languages to know each other and to integrate.

The project has contributed to the creation of local networks of cooperation. These networks bring together local government employees and multi-cultural associations in order to make visible the needs of these elderly senior immigrants.

Initiativtagare: Eläkeläiset ry

Eläkeläiset ry is Finland's oldest national pensioners' organization, founded in 1959. It integrates 14 regional and 250 independent local organisations throughout Finland.

Sponsor (s): Finland's Slot-Machine Association (RAY)
Webbplats: http://www.elakelaiset.fi/fi/Etusivu/Teemme%20yhdess%C3%A4%20-hanke/
Kontakt: Eva Rönkkö: eva.ronkko@elakelaiset.fi