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ESF Age Network



ESF Age Network

The ESF Age Network is a transnational learning network funded by the European Commission to link the world of European Social Funds (ESF) to knowledge of best practice in managing the ageing workforce and facilitating labour market transitions. 

In the course of the European Year 2012 the ESF Age Network published recommendations, guidelines and other tools. These are intended to support policy makers at ministries, ESF Managing Authorities and other stakeholders in the preparation, development and implementation of age management programmes.

The ESF Age Network hopes that the key messages and legacy of EY2012 will live on. With EU member states undergoing demographic change resulting in ageing populations and declining, older workforces, continued action to address these challenges is essential.

Some of the ESF Age products developed during the European Year 2012 are available online at the network’s website:

  • “Longer, Healthy and Productive Working Lives: The ESF Age Network Guide to Good Practice in Age Management" - The guide provides examples of major publicly funded programmes reviewed by the network. It includes a description of the good practice criteria and how the programmes selected met these.
  • "Did You Know?" - This fast-paced video is designed to draw attention to the urgent need for action in the EU to tackle the major social and economic issues posed by demographic change.
  • An Inventory of Programmes, Projects and Tools - This inventory is searchable by country or by theme.  As well as good practice programmes and projects, it contains validated tools for employers that help them develop and implement age management policies and for employment services providing back to work support for older jobseekers.
  • List of Expert Speakers - The list includes experts on age management, demographic change, healthy and productive ageing at work, and transitions within the labour market.

The ESF Age Network is co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. A complete list of the network's partners is available here.

Initiativtagare: ESF Age Network

The ESF-Age Network consists of public authorities from 14 EU-member states and regions. By working together and pooling their knowledge, they hope to identify, validate and disseminate high-level strategies to manage the ageing workforce in Europe effectively.

Webbplats: http://www.esfage.eu/network-products
Kontakt: Brenda Gietema: esfage@minszw.nl