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I-DONT-FALL: Technology to prevent and manage falls

Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain

Spain / Denmark / United Kingdom / Italy / Greece / Netherlands / Other

The main goal of the I-DONT-FALL transnational project is to deploy, pilot and evaluate a range of innovative ICT solutions for fall detection and prevention management. In the recent years, ICT technologies have manifested their potential to enhance the autonomy and quality of life of elderly people, through boosting detection and/or prevention of elderly falls. Likewise, ICT solutions for fall detection and prevention could significantly reduce the cost associated with elderly care.

Based on the I-DONT-FALL integrated platform: (a) End-users will enjoy tailored fall technological solutions, while (b) Medical experts and health professionals will be offered a wide range of tools, enabling them to customize fall solutions to the end-users’ needs.

From a policy perspective, the EU-funded project will elicit best practices for tailoring fall management solutions to specific risk factors, root causes and users’ (fallers’) needs.

In particular, the I-DONT-FALL project will contribute to:

1)  Increase the time that elderly people can live independently at home by providing ICT-based safety and fall prevention/detection services;

2)  Deliver evidence of improvements in the quality of life of older people and their families, as well as for health and social care systems and services;

3) Facilitate a wide take-up of ICT based fall prevention solutions across Europe;

4)  Ensure a world leading position of European industry in innovative markets for ICT based solutions that support independent living and the ageing population.

In 2013 the I-DONT-FALL platform will be released and the trials to test and assess this platform will start in 8 different pilot sites in Greece, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Serbia. The effectiveness of the solutions will be tested by over 500 elderly users/ patients across different countries, cultures, age groups and fall risk factors.

Organizator: Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica SPA

Engineering Group is Italy’s largest system integration group and a leader in the provision of complete IT services and consultancy. It has a global production capacity in 30 different countries, mainly related to projects in the industrial and telecommunications sectors.

Sponsor (s): European Commission - Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP)
Spletišče: http://www.idontfall.eu
Kontakt: Matteo Melideo: matteo.melideo@eng.it