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Words Connecting Generations - Preserving oral history through intergenerational activities

Austria Austria Austria Austria 08/2012-07/2014

Austria / Czech Republic / Germany / Poland

Words Connecting Generations is a project launched in the European Year 2012 which aims to share good practices on the preservation of oral history and intergenerational dialogue among partner organisations from the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Germany.

The two-year transnational project has a special focus on the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) as a way to collect stories from seniors and share them with younger generations. Words Connecting Generations will explore the topics of building community identity through oral history and discuss different approaches to teach History.

Local activities, such as exhibitions, workshops and educational programmes, will be implemented by each partner organisation in its community. The partnership will hold several international meetings to study and share good practices.

The project will produce a website with a "Do-It-Yourself oral history kit" and an online audio book connecting the stories from the four Central European cities involved: Wroclaw, Vienna, Liberec and Passau.

Organizator: Liberecka Obcanska Spolecnost (LOS)

Non-profit organization established in 2003. Its main objective is the personal and social development of young people in the city of Liberec through informal education, trying to improve the quality of cultural, social and civil services with a special focus on volunteering.

Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Spletišče: http://www.wordsconnectinggenerations.eu/
Kontakt: Kasia Szajda: kasia.szajda@losonline.eu