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K-start: Transferring Knowledge from Senior to Juniors & Start-ups

Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium 10/2012-10/2014

Belgium / Spain / Lithuania / Italy / Netherlands

The K-start project aims to encourage well experienced senior employees (55+) to uptake a challenge and engage into the process of transferring their knowledge to younger colleagues or business start-ups.

The two-year project, launched in October 2012, will include improving their human resource management and mentoring skills with the help of easy accessible e-courses and training programs delivered by project partners. The K-start project will offer a database for “mentors-wanna-be” and those who seek help and guidance.

The outcomes of the project will have a double effect: career and business starters will benefit from practical knowledge shared by seniors, whereas seniors will feel reinforced by helping others to succeed.

By merging different knowledge and unlike ways of thinking the background for creativity and innovation will be established. The partners in Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy seek to make a relevant input into VET systems in their countries and beyond through a wide network of trusted partners.

The project partners also tackle a challenge to promote active ageing, the culture of volunteering and mentorship, support appreciation of generations, and encourage the concept of “giving back to the society“.

The e-learning platform with dynamic user interaction & on-line tutor support will be launched in 2014 and followed by face to face pilot trainings for those willing to become mentors.

Organizator: European Leadership Institute

European Leadership Institute (ELIN) offers lifelong training, targeting managers, teachers and young people who desire to become more, to do more and inspire others.

Sponsor (s): Leonardo da Vinci's Lifelong Learning Programme
Kontakt: Evelina Kutkaitytė: info@elin.lt